2013/world, The Faculty of Arts Gallery, University of Brighton
2006ImaginEight, Penny School Gallery, London
2012Turner’s House
Professional experience
2013–Format Editions, Founder and Creative Director
2002Design Council, presentation at ‘The Big Idea’ conference
2001–10Business Link, advisor for branding programmes
2000–A2 Design, Founder and Creative Director
1998Judge at D&AD Awards
1996–00Carre Noir, Head of London office
1992–00Carre Noir Paris, Creative Director and Head of Corporate Literature
1990–92Andrew Derrick Design, Creative Director
1988–90Carre Noir Paris, Senior Designer, branding department
1986–88Sutherland Hawes, Creative Director
1984–86Sutherland Hawes, Senior Designer
1983RSA Photographic Project, colonial and ethnic architecture in Senegal and Gambia
1981–84Pentagram, assistant to Alan Fletcher
2011–13MA Photography, University of Brighton
2004–06HNC Photography, Kington College
1978–81BA (Hons) Graphic Design, University of Brighton
1998European Regional Design Awards
The Company Report Award
1997Donside Design and Print Award
Strategies Magazine Marketing Awards
GF Smith Awards
1996Donside Design and Print Award
1995Chartered Society of Designers Awards
1994Luxembourg Banking Association, Best Annual Report
1993Chartered Society of Designers Awards
1992Design excellence in Europe Award
1981Royal Society of Arts Photography Award